Beginer Conditioning???


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Nov 23, 2005
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Hey guys, new to the board. I have allways been really into bodybuilding/weight lifting and now have taken up san shou club style (basically like MT with boxing) at my university because I want to slowly move into being a fighter ( so I can put to use my strength ) lol. Anyways once I find a boxing gym and a BJJ place I plan on training more frequently but would like to have good cardio (cause I can workout on that now) in the bag allready cause that plays a big role in MMA fighting. Anyways never really done any cardio training is there a sort of beginer routine I can start with and see good improvements with???
no I mean strength, as in bench deadlift and squat being a lot for my bodyweight. And it must have a role because I can def. hit a lot harder then any of the other beginers in my class. Is the treadmill ok>?
wOg said:

If you check out the website, then definitely read "What is Fitness?" A great read, and a solid introduction into what being in shape is all about.


that crossfit stuff looks like weight training type stuff. Im perfectly happy with the weight training I do now because Im pretty sure heavy squats will help me a lot more then stuff like "air" squats as shown in cross fit. Of course when I get more advanced I will do some muscle endurance type stuff but I wont need that for a while and im sure I will STILL need weights.
Crossfit is insane. My dad was telling me about it last night. It's supposed to be VERY tough.