Bas Ruttens - pads or shadow boxing

Chris Kimmerly

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Aug 24, 2002
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For a while now I have only been doing the BAs routine as a warm-up and only shadow boxing. I finally got a partner to hold the pads while I did it and I tell ya it was 100% harder then only shadow boxing.

WHat do you guys do
I do the 2-min boxing rounds on a heavy bag, although I don't move around nearly enough.
i'm on the 3x7 thai box, with a heavy bag and as many kicks i can get in. great work out.
I usually go on the heavybag for the thaiboxing, and shadowbox for the all around fighting. I don't have a whole lot of space to move around the bag and sprawl in any direction at a moment's notice, unfortunately.
Every time I've held the pads or had someone else hold them, there has been issues with cooridination, esp if you are holding for a southpaw who is throwing rights for jabs. Just need to work on it more.
Thai pads for the thai workout, it is an insane workout. It takes a while to get good timing and coordination between the pad holder and the guy hitting the pads but once you work out the problems it is a great workout, my favorite.
I like the thai pads and the heavybag.
Doing it in the air is a good workout too but nothing, nothing is the same as a heavy bag or the thai pads. I usually do this workout 2X a week with thai pads one day and heavybag another. It prepped me well for the fights I had this past weekend.
I do it with my brother and needless to say we know each other well so holding pads is nothing for us. I think I'll tape us next time and post it. Because we know each other so well we look like freaking pro. IT helps when we have been doing it for a few years (20+)

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