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Oct 25, 2005
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Hi all. I have access to a heavy bag on some days... but on most I only have access to a freestanding (wavemaster). You know those TKD popular punching bags. I was wondering what kind of drills I could execute on that particular type of bag that would work my footwork. Im in desperate need of some improvement in the foot work area. Also... what are your favourite hand combos? I like jab/cross/hook/cross but I need to get proficient at some other ones. Thanks all
I have one comment: on bags such as this, you don't want to use power. Focus on tagging where you intend to land your strikes.
Agreed. Precision is about all you can do very good on those. Focus on your defense also. Kinda like shadowboxing but with light contact on the bag.
BlackBeltNow and oc10spray pretty much covered it. Light contact, concentrating on speed and accuracy.(sp?)
Practice entering with your jab, left hook and right straight. Get far away and really learn what distance you can attack from and practive your first entering step.
Jab - Cross - Left body - Left Hook - Cross. (change from head to body & back to drop their hands)

Double jab - Cross - Left Uppercut - left hook - Cross (uppercut raises chin, hook then takes head off)

Jab - Cross - (slip imaginary left punch) - Cross - left hook }
} Slip to the side the punch comes from
Jab - Cross - Left hook - (slip imaginary right punch) - Left hook - Cross }

My footwork sucks, but i find the crescent walk works well for me :
Take three steps to the left, following a crescent shape around the opponent/bag - fire of a right
Take three steps to the right, following a crescent shape around the opponent/bag - fire of a left

This is a good way to change your angle of attack when advancing on an opponent.

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