back injury??

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Oct 21, 2002
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Have any of you guys ever had a back injury that hurt so bad that you couldn't stand up straight or walk properley for a couple of days?? i'm pretty sure i just pulled a muscle. It's kind of embarassing what happened. I have a couple of daughters that are cheerleaders.. i told them that was for sissies and they should be wrestling like their old step-dad then i jumped up and did a pike and i felt something pull.. I went to the doctor and they did X- rays but nothing showed up.. they wanted to do a MRI but i don't think i need one of those.. They gave me some pain medicine and muscle relaxers.. I have a chiropractic appointment tommorow. a few guys at my work went to a chiropractor when in this condition and they swear they were able to walk out the same day?? Anybody have any adivce on this.. I need my back to heal fast as possible. I'm a mortician and we have to lift bodies, caskets, and when you embalm you have to lean over. So, i need to get over this ASAP!!! Any suggestions??
What all did the Doc tell you? Sounds like you might have just pulled something. Personally, I have never injured my back (thank god), but have known people who said that ice/heat helped them heal faster.
That really sucks. I'd listen to you doctor, and if he says don't do any heavy lifting, then don't. Lay down the law and make all the other guys lift. I used to work at a funeral home, and you need to be very careful with all that lifting. That may be part of your problem.

The lifting at a funeral home is sporatic and very heavy. You won't lift anything all day, and then you will have to lift some 350 pound dude. And the stuff you have to lift makes it almost impossible to have proper form. I'd be more careful at work and really try to use better form when making those heavy lifts.

Hope you heal up soon and that it is nothing serious.
Get your cheerleader step-daughters to give you oiled back massages and it should help the pain go away.
I think any back injury seems bad, because you can barely move, there are often referred pain in legs and hips and you just feel plain rotten. If the X-ray is clean that's a good sign. I'd say you'd need a couple of days rest (ice is your friend), then get back into some easy movement for the back, and midsection even though these can be a little hard to get into when you're injured, it really does help to get moving when you can. Hope your up again soon, back injuries suck.
I pulled my back once taking a shit and I ACTUALLY had to take a day off from work. I told my boss that I hurt it lifting weights!!
How old are these daughters and any chance we could get some pics?
Yeah I will tell you an secret ancient back healing therapy that has been in my family for many centuries handed down from generation to generation in exchange for pics of these "daughters."
Should have gone with the MRI when the doc reccomended it. Long story short, rest and light exercise when it DOESN'T hurt to perform it. Walking is beneficial to back recovery (when it doesn't hurt) to help get blood flowing. In any event this topic is kinda forbidden. bottom line, listen to your doctor, take it easy, hope you get better soon... if you want to PM me about re-opening this thread so you can post pics of your daughters, feel free.
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