aww! Your very first submission!


Feb 18, 2005
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What was the first submission you were ever taught?

If you had to teach somebody, totally new, a first submission, which would it be and why?

The first submission I was ever shown was the Guillotine Choke by this JKD instructor my high-school P.E. teacher brought to class, he was super gung-ho, and he challenged me to "Karate" him, he kicked my ass! (this was in'97).
In my 1st Gi-BJJ class, I was taught the Kimura from the Guard. But the 1st submission I applied was the Gi choke from the guard.
I love that one! Do you use thumb in grip or fingers in grip?
I had my thumb out. I'm not really sure which grip is that :) Though that is the only choke I know. That and the Gi-choke from the mount. My RNC sucks, something wrong with my technique. I've only been doing BJJ for a month. :D
IMO, if your thumb is out you have a fingers-in grip. I like to stick my fingers deep into the collar, till I feel the label of his gi or the center seam of his stitching; from there I try to do the same on the other side and choke or else grab the ridge of his gi near the shoulder and choke like that.

RNC is a great choke, especially with a gi on! You have so many options from there. I like getting a grip low down on the collar, so the guy isn't feeling threatened. Then I work it up higher later, and brace his head on the opposite side from my grip with my free arm's elbow. We call that Ryote-jime here in the Yukon. Do y'all have a name for it down south?
Armbar I think. Was a while ago. I just looove armbars.
First ever? Headlock (shoolyard style, taught myself).

First in proper training? Probably keylock or RNC (was taught in Judo class.)
first taught collar choke from guard(the grip is thumb out)
first applied RNC to a friend while doing nogi grass grappling :)
first i taught to this friend who's done grappling only in kung fu classes was kimura from guard.
i dont remember the first one i was taught. the first one i got was a cross collar choke from the back. i remember the motherfucker tapped early before i had it tight, so i didnt get to fully enjoy the experience, lol.
THe one I most frequently got on my opponents was the triangle choke however.
First submission? My brother taught me the stranger when i was 6..

When someone you dont know comes up to grab the nuts and twist... or just kick them in same spot. "the stranger kick"

First submission from training was in judo - arm triangle with opponent in your guard.
triangle choke. I saw Minotauros fights, and choke my friend in sparring, who had 10 years of wrestling :))
Outside of BJJ:
First learned: RNC
First used: RNC

First learned: americana (sp?) from mount
First used: straight ankle lock