Australian BJJ Champions Cup


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May 12, 2005
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Haven't seen anyone else post on this so I thought I would mention it, although I wasn't involved anymore than sitting on the sidelines and cheering on the brethren.

It was on Sat 24th Sept in Brisbane. I believe entry was only for those who qualified in other comps or by special entry. For those not familiar with BJJ in Australia, it is still up and coming and probably doesn't get the support it deserves. The number of spectators and competitors was good, but given the level of the comp I would have hoped to see more fans.

There was lots of white belt matches, a few blues and the purples and browns rounded it out (although fewer competitors in those match ups). It was great event with lots of support from each of the clubs and some great match ups. They did the three concurrent matches layout, which was tough because every time you turned to see another match, you'd hear a cheer and realise you missed a tapout from one of the others!

All in all a great day with a good level of competition. Even better, given all the coaches and BJJ club heads that were in town that weekend, our club organised a leg lock seminar for the next day, which was great too.
did chris brown compete? i got to train with him in Rio a bit this past summer....he's a class act all around