ATTN: Lord Adam


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Mar 7, 2002
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go back to "paradise" and take the mullet and your rob zombie shirts with you.

Your just being a dick PM! LOL

I am going to get shit for this one :)
im not the dick ruffneck...whoever told him he looked cool in that picture is the dick...obvious lie.

i mean, the mullet? the 7-11 shades? the white trash chin pubes?

jesus, this guy is a real piece of work...yeah its spelled "piece" there adam, might wanna correct that typo on your page on your next important update day.
Hehe it's just fucked up to point it out. I feel sorry for the guy he looks like a dork!

Where did I spell piece wrong?
you didnt, adam did on his "PEICE OF SHIT" site.
he had the audacity to complain about my "ugly" av. i can barely see his hideous visage through the irony.
I think he might be jealous because he was gong for the look of your avatar but ended up with what PM posted :)

Your still cool Adam!
I browsed through a few threads at shootos board and the fucker was crying about how people are so mean to him on sherdog and how people are so much nicer there...
i could see that...have they seen the pics?
I don't know... I didn't want to dig in too deep to the subject.
why dont yall come to worcester and i can BLow your heads off with my sawd off shotgun....
Originally posted by bigakuma
didnt he used to play in limp bizkit

What you Sucked off all the members of limp bizkit i dont wanna know that....
ladies and gentlemen i believe i hit a nerve...... and on that note stfu newbie