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Sep 2, 2002
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So you two have come to the conclusion that my family motto Vincit Veritas means the truth binds. That's pretty cool, when I looked up what each word meant individually I came up with something completely different.

Not a bad family motto eh. Could have been a lot worse.
Actually I was off the mark completely. I have been doing Latin for 8 weeks and my vocabulary is pretty limited. In the little manual we use for classes they only had vinco, vincis, vincere, vincuiti, victuium as meaning "vanquish".

When I used to play football I had "Potius mori quam foedari" written on my helmet.

I also had Inc`h Allah writtien ont he other side.

Crazy fucker.:D
Well your off the cuff latin wasn't good. But you were the first one to download Blitzlatin and figure it out for me.
I've had Latin for 6 years and our teacher used to give us a Latin aphorism every week and Vincit Veritas was one of them. Since it has been over 3.5 years I studied Latin, I had to look it up in my notes. If you translate it litteraly, it means something completely different. But (like with most Latin aphorisms) you have to make something else of it.
Truth binds. Damn I though the truth will set you free.

Oh well, thanks for the help with the Latin aphorisms.
Piedra said that it meant truth will prevail or the truth wins. What about that?
That's also a translation that is litteraly correct, but I think this aphorism was more frequently used as "Truth Binds" in the old days. That's the way I learned it anyway. But since both translation are right, I think you must choose between the 2. Which translation do you like better?
I like the Truth will Prevail more. The truth binds seems somewhat apocalyptic.