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Dec 2, 2004
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I'm sorry for not shipping the book yet. I'm a lazy POS.

Are you planning on going to Fatty's strongman contest? I was thinking that if you were we could ride my Ninja 250 up together. It would be a bonding opportunity.
2 ninjas...riding a ninja?

That's more awesome that any one state can handle.
But where will Miss Wiggles ride?

Interesting. I didn't know of the existance of "The Dump." Is there a way to get here other than by clicking on dumped threads?
What the fuck happened to my thread. Move it back!
The Dump. Ahahahaha. Look BOrt just took a dump.

Is this where they send threads that are too bad for the Wasteland?
Its in Nov. right? Won't it be a bit cold on a Ninja?
What is this dump place and how do I get out?
*lights a fire, makes smoke signals*

Fuckin HELP!!!!!!!!
Attention Asshole: Don't touch this thread again.

Fucking thread-moving cocksucker.
I thought it was pretty neat. I didn't even know it existed. Who knew that there was a level below even the wasteland?

Hey, Lusst: who moved the thread in the first place?