Att. ladys.....

I'm just concernd that you girls out there are having more than just clitoral orgasms!:)

The Grafenberg spot is an area on the anterior or front wall of the vagina, between the opening and the cervix, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. It is hypothesized that the G-spot is either 1) a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris, or 2) a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It is thought to be perhaps analagous to the prostate gland in men.
Female ejaculation is the expelling of fluid from or around the urethra. This fluid is not urine, and is often accompanied by a powerful orgasm. Stimulation of the G-Spot is thought to potentially cause this.
Insert one or two fingers in the vagina with the palm facing the pubic bone. Gently bend your fingers 'forward' so that they stroke the anterior wall of the vagina. You may feel a raised spot or series of ridges, or you may feel nothing in particular. The woman may find this extremely pleasurable, or have an urge to urinate, or both. Stroking this spot with varying degrees of pressure will tell you if you've got it or not.
No. Your mileage may vary. Just as some woman find clitoral stimulation more or less pleasurable than others, G-spot response varies from woman to woman, and some may find it unpleasant or simply not special.
Silly, that's a technique question. The factual stuff is above; anything else goes to Kama Sutra>.
Originally posted by BrOkEnNoSe123
OMFG this is hilarious.

Wrong young bradda, this is science and very usefull if you can master it!:D
Oh I can find the mother fucker, I just think its hilarious. Your like that guy on loveline, Dr. Phil. Educating people about their genitals are very important. Sounds like your the right guy for the job.

Dr. Blown & Injected PHD of poon. thats what it should say on your office
Girls are too uptight to talk about sjlockin their knub. I'll bet LSG is the only girl that even replies to this.
Why did they feel it necessary to have the anus full of poop?
Originally posted by Meat Fist
Why did they feel it necessary to have the anus full of poop?

LMFAO, I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking that guys about about to get a nasty little surprise.
Why the sudden interest in a woman's G-spot? Are you in love B&I?
I was just reminising about the old days when girls were not concernd with trivial stuff like that.
But you know the woman of today, they are relentless not only do they have to have a clitoral O but they also want a g-spot O, you know that's a lot of work!:D
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You'll have to read up on the Venus Butterfly....minimal work, maximum effect ;)

I've been wanting one of those things.. I'm putting it on my birthday list.
some could use a serious lesson in how to locate the g-spot

I have to ask......

I have had sex with women that didnt know what they liked. meaning they didnt know what made them feel good and they didnt know what they wanted to do sexually.

I had sex with a girl that never had an orgasm. she was 25 with 2 kids and not 1 orgasm. This is because she didnt even know what she liked. seriously I practically had to tell her what to do. Her skills consisted to "lay on back: corpse" style.

after a while she finally started to have orgasms( after alot of experimental positions). She had it by fucking just laying on her side. Thats it. Just laying on her side. 10 years of sex and she never found a sensitive spot that was as easy as laying on your side.

I think that alot of the women do it to themselves out of bland and uncreative sexual exploits. I have never heard of a sensual and sexualy explorative woman that had problems with sex. Must be these cadavres that have the problems.

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