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asthma HELP


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Nov 8, 2007
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I am a mild/moderate asthmatic depending on the allergies in season. I need some help with the gas tank. i can run 3 miles in just under 20 minutes but still when rolling I get GASSED after two 5 minute rounds. what can help me out a bit more living outside of the sea level of BOSTON, or what?
Advair changed my life. I used have horrible ashtma (hospitalized almost yearly), but advair has really made a difference. I can't even remember the last time I had an attack.
I think your problem has more to do with being unused to rolling. If your cardio is fine doing other things, just give it time to get the specific adaptations down and you'll see your gas improve significantly.
I actually have the exact opposite problem as you. I used to have pretty bad asthma but I rarely gas during rolling/sparring before my opponent. Running still kills me though, especially if I'm doing sprints of any kind.

Anyway, just stay calm and focus on technique over strength. Use your head more than your muscles and you'll find you can outlast just about anyone. And don't forget to BREATHE!

Good luck
some real good advice on this therad, everything here is solid and makes sense, good luck to you
Do you wear your mouthpiece when you roll?
I have mild asthma and I always make sure to get a decent paced run in or hit the bag or something earlier in the day, either that or get a thorough warm up in before I roll. I've noticed getting these runs in or whatever I decide to do that day opens my lungs up so I'm ready to jump into rolling later on. I notice a huge difference if I don't do anything to get my lungs open before I train.