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Art Santore Step Off!


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Apr 16, 2002
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I saw you poke your head in the OT forum and am here to tell you to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Your Chi is extremely weak in that area and you are extremely vulnerable! I WILL take advantage of this if I see you there again.

Get the fuck outta my hood!
And Art you better come correct at me whenever you interract with my person.
i see you have a new av again hound. and yes i only popped in for a peek cause i clicked on a link where thoses ot guys were talking about the anti board. just making sure no one is talking shiat.
I mean it Pachinko! Pacha Mama, Pancho Villa or whatever.
then hound

get the fuck outta my fuckin hood!!!!!

you go back to your romo OT forums
I mean it Pachinko! Pacha Mama, Pancho Villa or whatever
i know that with you lack of intellect that it'd be hard to remember EL PACUCHO but don't let it happen again.
and treelo right stay on your side of the fence before i go over there and punk your arse out.
Treelo I have already set up a tag team ladder match between Art, MMA vs me and Pablo.

There is till time to make it a Triple Threat Match!
I said come at me correct Machu Pichu!
your asking for

don't make me use my deadly
jpd style on your rudy poo arse.
Christ Art how can you have energy left to train fighting real world opponents and singing at night in a karaoke bar after fending off my numerous cyber assaults on your board?

Are you on speed?

I am already near exhaustion from spewing forth banalities and senseless drivel.
i've been tought by all the greats joe son do, jim pan do, mma, and this guy in the middle.
Art you have forced me to start a thread against you in OT.

Disrespecting my injunction will get you nowhere.
hey hound here's somthing special for you and you rugbutby butddies.:D
what a cute little hat.
wel what is this romo rugby? please explain is this part of your little game.

hey whats the name of your team.
Art you are touching on something sacred to me by implying gayness in rugby.

I am taking my ball and leaving for now. We will discuss this another time Latin Lover!

I'ts all fun and games till Fabio get hurt now isn't it?
I am still maintaining my surveillance of the OT board ART so don't think you can sneak in.

Comprende El Parchezzi?
hound did you notice that after i said i was leaving that i came back. you can't stop me and niether can this chick.
I saw you Paparazzi but decide to let it slide.

You should start tapping earlier to chokes cos your brain cells must be seriously deprived of oxygen if you are gonna play such games with me.
nobody has been able to choke me out in quite awhile except jermy williams in a triangle when i was trying to show him a way out. but another story. i've work to do.
I am very scared that if art knew where I lived that I would be choked out right aobut now.