Arm injuries

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Jeff Entwistle

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Jan 2, 2005
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I buggered my arm up big time the other day. I was doing heavy curls when I heard a huge popping sound. Im putting this in the S&P froum to see if anyone has ever had a similar experience and could share some advice. Here is the pic .......
you definitely tore something. go to the doc immeditatley.
I saw a doctor yesterday but he seemed to not really know anything. I have an appointment to see another at the end of the week. I didnt realize this was a forbidden topic, sorry mods delete away. I just felt like this would be a good spot for advice
You most likely tore your bicep, however I am not a medical professional, you should be in a ER right now.
yeah like coach d says, don't wait a week, go down to an emergency room right now and get that shit taken care of. it looks horrible and you may need some really good doctoring to fix it.
I don't know why he isn't in the ER right now, I sure as hell would be. That is going to need some surgery. Seriously get your ass to the ER! Do not hold off at all on this, or you could REALLY regret it.
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