Are you supposed to ktfo your opponent in amateur bouts?



Are you supposed to ktfo your opponent in amateur bouts? Or it gives you a bad reputation? Are amateurs fights supposed to be more "friendly" or not?
muay thai bouts? they're not meant to be friendly, its a competition not sparring. if you knock out your opponent then well done. unless its semi contact kickboxing, then you'd be disqualified.
If the rules states that you win if you knockout your oponent, then yes of course.
If not then no..
That's about it. It all comes down to the rules. If KOs are allowed, go for the knock out.
its better to be disqualified then lose any way..... always be as ruthless as possible
Normaly this wouldnt be a problem. But in some rare cases it can be a bit complicated.

Like for instance in Sweden, shootfighting, which right now basicly functions like amateur mma in my country have had to incorporate a "ko ban". Basicly it means that you can win by tko or if you knock your oponent down, -but not rendering him unconcious-. If the oponent get unconcious you will get disqualified and the match will be considered a "no contest".

It sucks but it was so that amateur shootfighting could become member of a bigger sports organisation and get good insurances. That coupled with the fact that amateur shootfighting almost always get decided on subs on the ground, it is perhaps not that shocking.
Still personaly find it whery odd that you cant win by ko in a fullcontact martial art...:p
I think you're supposed to do whatever the rules or prearranged "understanding" regarding the bout is.

If it's just a firendly round of match-ups between schools or something, you'll probably be going light. If it's serious competition and the rules of the bout say that KOs are an acceptable way to end the match, then you can KO you're opponent.

You don't want to go into a casual match looking to take names, since that'll make you look like an asshole. And you don't want to go into hard competition afraid to knock someone out since that'll make you look foolish (and possibly unconscious).
I think it's a good idea to work on your reputation as a fighter right away. Nothing wrong with having lots of KO's and being feared. I know I'm a lot more nervous about getting into the ring with a guy that has a track record of messing people up then someone that submits all his oponents in a minute.
I hate to say it, but the only time I was actually knocked out wasn't even in a fight. I hit a railing with my bike and flipped over, falling about 8 feet. I don't really even remember landing. Just waking up a few minutes later. It was a while ago, too, so I barely remember the feeling. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be reminded eventually, lol.
Dont get caught swinging for the fences an going desperately for a KO.

Most ppl will say, when u go for it ur not gonna get it, when ur just throwing thats when u get it. Atleast thats what Liddel said.

I would just focus on tagging my opponent up accurately eventually something has gotta give.
lol, I remember when I was 12, doing point fighting. This one kid hit me a lil hard in the face and the judges didnt see that, So i thai kicked him in the face and left hooked the bastard and KOed him. Of course it was frowned upon, but that was because it was a point competition, not full contact.
Amatuer and smoker fighters don't have reputations to protect so the fighters tend to fight aggressive, so KO are definitly accepted.
I think exhibition matches are generally more laid back (ie. no knockouts)

I saw that happen at a show, a big guy was against a smaller guy, smaller guy was real aggressive. It was an exhibition, and hte big guy got knocked down. His corner threw the towel in and I remember overhearing one guy say that it shouldn't have happened since it was an exhibition.
Your damn right your supposed to KO your opponent, it shows your good.

I wasted both of my opponents in my fights and i wouldnt have it any other way, looks good on camera as well.
I'd suggest checking the rules first. However I'd say it would be unlike sparring in the gym - as some have said it is a competition, you are not there to be courteous but to win. No need to fight dirty or be vindictive - just very aggressive.
I see nothing wrong with going for a KO, unless of course, there is a rule against it . Then that would just suck, especially if you're a hard hitter.