Are these guys asking to get hurt?


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Jun 24, 2004
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I seen two dudes in my gym doing reverese grip bench presses. It looked awkward as all fuck. Granted I do not have the greatest knowledge of the iron, I googled it and found out that this is a dangerous lift. Are these guys idiots?
Bulgarian bench? At least that's what I think it's called. it's for triceps.
They are hard to control, but they do hit the tris and anterior delts hard. They are good for increasing ones bench, but a good, attentive spotter or two are required and you'll need a lift off.
Your not serious are you? It give me the chills whenever I think about benching with a reverse grip.
Its a great tri and delt exercise..hmm, like regular bench..haa.. This hits the tri's harder though. Do them on the Floor, much safer.
I've never tried them floor press style Duncon but that sounds like an awesome application of the movement.

ANd yes this is serious, as pointed out, incredible powerlifter and bencher AC did a lot of heavy reverse grip work. Even when he was benching normally in comps, most of his cycle, up until the very end was done reverse grip.
Duncon76 said:
Its a great tri and delt exercise..hmm, like regular bench..haa.. This hits the tri's harder though. Do them on the Floor, much safer.
Just curious...what makes them safer?
Has anyone on this board tried them. Im curious to find out just where they place among tricep exercises. Carnal, would you strongly reccomend them?
I've done them for variety/shock value to the muscles. Start with waaaaay less weight than your regular bench weight, and have a spotter - a must. Depending on your flexibility, your wrists may hurt after.

They're not just a novelty, but they aren't a regular part of any workout I'd plan. Something to spice things up when you run out of ideas, or have stagnated.
I did a lot of reverse grip benching a couple years ago. Decided to give it an honest try. Worked it in every bench day.

I've moved 295x3 reverse grip. It will murder your triceps and front delts.

Safety wise its not too bad, I never had any issues. Important things is a good spotter and chalk to prevent slippage.

Just be safe and careful and you'll be fine. The lift is a really explosive lift. Touch and go and press really hard.

Try em for a few weeks, you'll like em.
I'll chime in here. I like them, but you have to have a spotter. If for no other reason than it's impossible to get a heavy weight off the rack.
Thanks guys, maybe I'll throw them in and give them a shot. I'll try them and Reverse Grip floor presses and get back to you soon.
An NFL hopeful at this year's combine named Eric Ghiaciuc pulled off 30x225 with a reverse grip. I'm not sure how that stacks up to some of the best reverse grip presses, but it was pretty damn impressive
I've seen some NFL guys doing reverse grip OH presses as well!
I do them regularly as an accersory lift on my bench press days. Basically using it as a substitute for overhead shoulder presses. I thought it would be taxing on my wrists when i first did them but it didnt really bother me at all. Now i love them and they've really made my bench go up.
I used reverse grip bench and got sick gains from it. I loved it for Tries
The elbows right next to the sides right?

If not, I think I'll pass.