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Anyone see these?


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Dec 20, 2001
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Sorry,I'm retarded when it comes to HTML.But Konjo has a pair of really cool looking loosefit shorts.www.konjogear.com has anyone tried them before?
meh... look fuddy to me, the whole 4-5 logo vertical look didnt appeal me.

but the Konjo-Cross-thingy looked good, if it were a bit smaller, like the UA symbol. that'd be sweet.

yeah i like the logo on the front.i could deal with the logo on the back.i got enough pairs of shorts though right now.
they look pretty sweet....let me know what they are like if you get them
I have a couple pairs of the Konjo loose-fits. I'm surprised more people don't train in them. By far the best shorts I've ever had.
They definitely don't look like anything new or interesting...
I've had just about everything - Sprawl, Clinch, Inspirit, etc. but something about the Konjo ones I really like. And yeah, they don't look that special, but they have a really good cut, not restrictive at all and last forever. Pretty good price also.
My old gym used that company for our grappling shorts. I never bought a pair but the people in my class who did liked them. Also people who did kickboxing at my old school preferred these shorts over the muay thai ones.
and Truth's are pretty much HCK clones, cut for cut.


Not really anymore though?...'cause Truth uses flexy fabric now...and has flex panels at the crotch and sides, etc.
They do :eek: not quite the same but definitally look similar.

Word! although similiarity to other stuff does not end there! :icon_chee
I like the rashguards. The shorts are meh.
from what I see, i don't see anythin special or any reason I would want to wear their gear.