Anyone see the Judo/BJJ on Surface tonight?


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Dec 19, 2002
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They had a little Judo/BJJ inspired fight scene on Surface tonight. I was impressed. I got the feeling one guy might actually train a little.

After a nice Thai elbow, the guy wraps up his attackers arm and pulls a Soto Makikomi. At that point he gets reversed in BS fashion. On the bottom he pulls a butterfly guard and works up to a triangle choke when the guy power bombs him ala Rampage/Arona. The guy on bottom then drives his thumb in the top guy's eyes until he can get up. After a little GnP, he then takes the guy's back and gets a RNC on him, and about that time a bystander pulls a gun and tells him to get off.

One of the more realistic fight scenes I've seen in a while with no spinning dragon kicks what so ever. Props to the Surface folks.
Yeah I saw it, I was shocked to see the triangle almost get locked in on a TV show! Too funny.
That was the best! My wife and I jumped of the couch when we saw a guy go for a triangle on a TV show. Sweet!