anyone rolled w/a catch wrestler


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May 29, 2005
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I was just curious if anyone hear had rolled w/someone who's chief grappling experience was catch wrestling; i know every grappling art has certain variations in technique, approach and theory, so i was curious as to what seperates catch from bjj jj wrestling judo sambo etc.
I was also curious as to wht u thought of it and if the person u sparred was an effective grappler..if their tech was eff...what were the strong/weak points of their ground game.
I rolled one time with a catch wrestler that must've been in his 40's (big guy about 6'4" 230lbs). The guy had been training catch approx. 5 years and had attended Tony Cecchine seminars. He showed me a couple of decent moves.

We rolled for a few minutes. I tapped him with a triangle. He tried some move called the hunchback on me when he was in my guard. The setup for that move is total shit; leads right into the triangle. He was a nice guy and eagar to learn but I wasn't impressed with his catch wrestling.
I roll with people who roll like catch wrestlers, rapid firing submission after submission and giving up position all of the time, in terms of pure catch I have not but that is the closet I have come.