Anyone order from Truth recently????


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Oct 15, 2003
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Ok this sucks, I STILL haven't received my gear and its starting to bother me a little bit. has anyone recently ordered from Truth and have you received your items yet? Its been 3 weeks and I've waited patiently for any replies to my multiple emails, and nothing yet. Haven't got one anwser and honestly its starting to bug me just a little bit. I really like the gear and I just want my shorts :( Input please if you have had this exp. I've ordered from them many tiems before and this is the first time its happened and I understand shit happens, but I would feel more comportable with at least an e-mail. Input please.
Usually I'd say, if your willing to invest money in an order, pick up a phone.

But I'm honestly not even sure if there is a number for TXMMA/TruthMMA

I'll have a look around.

Yeah it's like he said he'd get those T-shirts in ages ago but still not even a word. Must be really caught up in some business or something. *Hoping Paul is OK*.
Yeah, he hasn't restocked in a while either. There's almost no gear left. Wonder what's up.
this sucks.....:( I just want my board shorts
I talked to Paul about two weeks ago and he said that he would be getting a shipment of gear in by the end of Aug begining of Sep time frame.
yeah that was posted on the other TRUTH thread. My guess he prob just too busy to post.
This seems to be a pattern. When he gets a new shipment in he's around and posts on the boards but after two months and his stock has dwindled down he isn't anywhere to be seen. I believe it's due to his other involvements and tha fact that txmma isn't a big line so he can't devote his entire time to it.
I just got an email from Paul, he's been in Japan for the past 3 weeks. He's taking care of his emails now.
nice, I just got my shipping email. I feel better now.
Hello everyone,

I was away on vacation for most of this month in Japan, unfortunately before I left I did not have a chance to get some pending shipments squared away and was on the run most of the time while abroad. I have since been catching up and taking care of the problem.

Those of you who have ordered and were affected by my absence, should have already received two emails from me, one apologizing for the problems caused, and the second from Paypal indicating a refund.

I have sent 50% refunds (off the total invoice including shipping) via Paypal to all customers who were affected to make up for the long delay in your shipment. Most of the delayed orders went out yesterday, with the last two going out today, so you should receive your merchandise this week.

If you did not receive your refund, or do not receive your merchandise by Saturday, please email me at [email protected].

I am grateful for your business and I take my customers' satisfaction seriously. I hope that you will continue to stick with Truth as I continue to try and grow this business little by little. Thanks for your understanding.


Paul Erickson (Arclight)
Another stand up guy on Sherdog. Truth is a great company with really good products at even better prices.
Hey, Archlight, are you going to be getting new shipments of your board shorts? Thanks.
Just logged on from school. Thanks Arclight for the update, I really appreciate your customer satisfaction and will be looking forward to your new line of gear. Thanks again :D
Oh yeah might I suggest a black and blue line of boardshorts? :D that would look sweet.