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Anyone here do Max OT


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May 27, 2004
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Does anyone here do the workout routine max ot, i just got for free in the email today, and am probably gonna start. If anyone here did do it, what were ur results and what did u think of it. Thanks in advance
You know, I've seen that shit and think it's retarded, but I've talked to a few people who swear up and down it worked for their bench.

So I guess I would say give it a go, it doesn't make sense to me, but hey, what works doesn't always make sense on paper and vice versa.
its a shitload better than most of the stuff out there. i dont think its a bad place to start.
Thanks for the replies, im planning on starting it this monday, Ill be sure to give you guys results and what i thought of it once im done with it.
Its bodybuilding "shit" although unusually usefull bodybuilding shit...

I did it a few years ago when I was into the whole bodybuilding thing... Seemed ok at first but I let myself become brainwashed by it.
The combination between the funky warm up your suposed to do and going heavy on military presses gave me my first and yet only serious training injury.. My shoulders got fucked up for a good while.

If you follow it make sure to adjust it after yourself, dont become brainwashed. Take what gives you results and ditch the rest...
Good post krellik.

Also, very impressive command of the english language for 2nd language speaker.

You damn Swedes and Finns can write better English than us Americans, Christ.
thanks dude.. but im sure my spelling is awfull.. both english and especially swedish actually...
The reason we speak decent english is that we do not translate movies like those crazy frenchies and germans do. Nothing is funnier than watching Arnie having his voice replaced with an extremely masculine frenchmans voice....
A friend of mine from the board here is from Finnland, and he told me the same thing. I said "how do you speak such great english man?" and he said he learned it in school, but that mostly it was video games, movies and other American media that taught him.

It's funny to hear second language speakers who know all the American slang and stuff.