Anybody check out Ken Shamrocks new book?


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Nov 1, 2004
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Beyond the Lion's Den (Paperback)
by Ken Shamrock, Erich Krauss

Just saw it at barnes & noble, must say I'm tempted to buy it. Part of the book is an instructional but as I saw a lot of it is biography and untold stories that weren't in inside the lion's den, the first book.
And please if you have something meaningful to contribute do so, but don't bash the fighter (He sucks, his book sucks etc.)
its hard to review books, especially instructional ones. because what people thinks works for someone, might not work for someone else. As apposed to the other info in the book, it could be boring as hell to one person, and exciting and fascinating to another.

I dont know what to tell you *yawn*

I think my instructor has that book but I'm not 100% positive. All I know is that he has one of them.
Im thinkin of buyin it. Just lookin for more insight before i open my wallet to fast
I would buy it if it meant that he would stop making movies like Scarecrow Gone Wild. JK hahaha

Actually, I would buy it just because of who he is and what he has seen in this sport. Eventhough I'm not a fan of his, I recognize that he truly is a legend in the game and has been in there with the best.
heyheyhey he was good in that movie....have you seen franks movie yet?
anvar said:
heyheyhey he was good in that movie....have you seen franks movie yet?

I haven't seen Frank's movie yet, is that actually out?. It's got an all-star cast Don Frye, Gene LeBell, Randy Couture, Pam Anderson, Gary Busey, Bruce Buffer, and Tom Sizemore.

I actually bought Scarecrow Gone Wild, pretty hilarious.
Just go into the book store, sit there and read it and save the money..
I only have the first one, not the new one. Inside The Lion's Den was a pretty decent read, but he seems to think of himself in his own certain way. I might buy his new one soon.
the first book was well worth the read i would recomend it
i been reading parts of it at the book store. i also read inside the lion's den. i have to say the new one is actually a pretty decent read from what i've read so far. shows some cool subs in the back too. thats saying alot considering i don't really care for him. WAR SAKU!!!!!