Any news on Swick?


Dec 4, 2012
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I just rewatched the fight, I'm not a big fan so this isnt excuses. But he looked like pure shit and hell, his face was so sucked in like a crack fiend. Bad cut or was he injured?
He looked awful yes, he said last week he wanted to rebound from that loss, we'll see.
No disrespect to Swick, but maybe he should consider hanging up the gloves. He just looks very fragile and not healthy at all, and you can get hurt out there. He just doesn't look healthy to me. I chalked up his last fight to ring rust from that ridiculously long layoff, but his fight with Brown was eye opening and concerning to me.
IMO, Swick has been one of the most overrated fighters in UFC history. It was nice to see him come back from his health issues and get a quality win over Darkness, but I hope folks weren't expecting a big run. I was surprised to see Matt Brown win by KO, but not that he won. On the contrary, I expected Brown to win.
Didn't Swick say some time ago he was gonna go back up to MW 'cause the cut was too taxing on his body? I think it was after the Paulo Thiago fight... but I'm not sure.
I think he has some more knock out punches left in him before his fighting days are over. They had a post fight interview/story on him here on Sherdog, can't remember if they asked him about his weight cut or anything like that though.
He's looked like shit ever since he got sick. Looks like a muscular skeleton.
Mike 'sick' swick.Props to the guy though,a true warrior.Great heart but the WW scenery is largely different from when he was a contender.
All I know is that Brown should have gotten a post fight interview. Almost everyone had Swick winning that fight and it seemed like the UFC is really pushing his comeback story.
he looks AWFUL at that weight class. he cuts way too much weight. i always grimace when i see him at the weigh ins