Any hoodies or jackets on sale?


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Jan 5, 2008
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Now that it's almost May, where are the sales on the jackets and stuff?
yeah, I was excited to see that...
until I realized I wasn't in California, much less in CA and close by.

I'm shooting to grab a Knoxx track jacket just as soon as I see my next paycheck, sale or no sale.
Found both of these hoodies for $20 each.

Use "NFINSIDER" to get an additional $5 off at should come out to $15 a hoodie!


hrmmm 20 bux is pretty good... debating whether its enough to stomach wearing tapout...

edit: wow saw the coupon 15... aeeaeaeeaeacchchchch decisions decisions
coupon doesn't work

edit: nope, im an idiot, it works.
Not really a Tapout fan, but for $15 I ordered one. I'll wear it after class when its cold :) $9 shipping though. $24 total, still not bad.
Damn too bad they don't shipp to canada
They make some good shit, wish they'd change their marketing.
Its already getting way to hot for sweaters now. Ahh but its such a good deal.