any advice, first BJJ class tomorrow


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Oct 10, 2005
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i have no grappling experience and don't really know what to expect tomorrow

how did your first class go?

and i know every instructor teaches differently, but what are some things i should expect to be learning tomorrow

by the way this is where i'm going -
Just go in. Be relaxed. Have fun! If you roll, don't try to "impress" anyone or something and if you get in a bad position, tap. Theres nothing wrong with tapping :) Be like a sponge and absorb everything :)
#1 Don't have an ego. Even if you wrestled before you're going to get tapped. If you're the toughest kid in school you'll still get tapped. If you have 25 lbs. on a blue belt you're still going to get tapped. I'm in decent shape. I weigh about 175 lbs. I got tapped by a girl. It wasn't a problem, I just made a note of my mistake and kept learning.

#2 Don't ask, "But what if he does this?" BJJ really does work but nothing works if your opponent knows it's coming or if you don't have the proper setup. Sometimes I see new guys going through the imaginary situations coming up with silly counters to every idea and I want to choke them out. :)

#3 Tap if you're getting subbed. It's just training. If you're getting choked tap, then make a note of what went wrong.

#4 Don't spaz. I still find it difficult to strike the balance between using the energy/conditioning I worked hard to gain and spazzing. As a new guy the general tone you want is that of thoughtful analysis during your grappling. Freaking out will just present submissions to your opponent.

#5 Tell your opponent it's your first day. I did that and a guy that could clearly crush me handled me a little nicer. I'm glad I did it.

That's all that comes to mind. Oh yeah, don't forget to stretch.
Louis Vintaloro's school is a great one. I trained there for about ten months. Once I finish college in April, I'll be back there for another four months.

My first class was in October 2004 when the school was still in Emerson. It was a Tuesday Beginners class. We started off working some double leg takedowns. Then we switched to learning techniques from the knee-on-belly position. Afterwards, everybody rolled. However, for the first 1 or 2 classes, Lou has everyone sit out to watch. Mainly for precautionary reasons. I think he sometimes lets the person roll with one of the higher belts, with the higher belt pretty much just guiding you through a simple guard pass, upa, RNC, etc.

Your class tomorrow will probably be 1) warmups, 2) practicing technique, 3) drilling position, 4) (probably not) rolling.

On my first class with rolling, I had no technique and tried to force things. Well, force them as much as a 145-lb guy can. By the time I was going home, I was sweating profusely and exhausted.

In class tomorrow, pay close attention to technique and take everyones advice. You should be fine.
leave your ego outside
don't hesitate to ask questions
tap when you feel the slightest of pain in a submission

You'll learn basic top positions and probably a submission or two. Each school teaches different basic techniques on day 1.

most of all, have fun
most likley you're gonna get pissed and frustrated while you're getting dominated, but you'll look back and realize you had a good time. but it really does get better, and if you absorb as much as you can and try to focus on every aspect of each technique you'll get teh techniques down, and be able to hang a little longer each class.

don't turn into one of those guys who go once and never come back.

best of luck to ya man. you'll have a good time
Youre gonna love it. As soon as you feel any tiny bit of pain tap out or say tap because he'll think you dont feel it and may apply more pressure. The more you get caught in submission holds the more you'll learn to avoid them and you'll see them coming way ahead of time. Very very addicting and you'll like it even more once you start to see that youre not making as many mistakes as you did in the beginning and YOU now become the one who makes others tap! You'll remember your first class later on when youve been there for a lil and see others come in for there first class! You'll make good friends there and all work as a team to help each other better themselves! Keep us posted on how it goes!
Looks like a great school. How did it go?

I think the big thing to remember is just keep a positive, friendly attitude in class. Don't be that guy that rolls too hard or takes it too personally. It takes a lot not to get mad when someone is completely dominating you over and over and you can't do anything about it. But that will change in time. Just have fun.
Expect to suck at it, it takes a little while before you start to understand grappling
Expect to be sore for a week.
My advice- RELAX

don;t spaz out or panic or try and go 110% nuts...just work on what they show you...
All good advice, Ive only been going for a month. The biggest problem im facing is the burns on my fingers! Anyone got any tips??? Or do i just stop being a pussy!

Well, no matter what school you go to, PRACTICE TAPPING!!!! lol, we all will get tapped out when were just starting... But besides that I've heard that school was good. And about the burns on your, everyone goes threw that...
I'd wear a cup if I were yer!!! Better safe than sorry. :D
Dont think your going to tap guys going in, your just going to flail your body all over the place.. Probably hurt you self, and maybe them. If you hurt them, expect them to hurt you more.

Keep going. No matter how bad you get beaten have the mind set "wow i want to learn that".. instead of "Gosh this is hard, fuck this shit"

Biggest thing is just go with an open mind and enjoy the sport, your bound to have fun.

break a leg
thanks again for the advice, i couldn't make it sunday, but i went and checked out what it's like for about 15 mins the next day (didn't actually start yet b/c i couldn't get a ride until it was too late) and no one there was around my age which sucks, pretty much everyone was like 10+ years older than me (17) and this is a beginner's class 3 stripe white belts and below.

anyway i decided that i should probably start off with a priv. lesson first since i have no previous grappling experience at all just to learn some of the basics and then start going to group classes so i'm not completely lost when i first go.
Don't worry about it man -- everybody sucks the first day, just go with a positive attitude, prepare to commit some time before you understand what's happening, and above all HAVE FUN. Don't worry about being good, because even the greatest newb still sucks. Private lesson is a waste of money ... just try it!