Another weight cutting thread


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Mar 25, 2007
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Yeah, yeah, I know. There have been thousands of weight cutting threads here. I read the ones in the FAQ and they didn't answer my question, so hopefully some of you guys can help me out.

I am competing in a jiu jitsu tournament on May 10th (NAGA) that is a day before weigh in. I will be about 163 or so, and simply roll for a while and sweat down to 159 then weigh in.

The X factor that I feel warrants this thread is that I have another tournament exactly 7 days after which requires me to be 155. This tournament is a same day weigh-in. I will be making the cut from the weight I fight with at NAGA (162 or 163), and most likely won't have access to a sauna since I will be out of town. I am assuming a good change in diet and some sort of different drinking habits will help me get to 155 within a week. A wrestling friend said that it was very possible, but didn't stick around to give me the details.

So once again, I appologize for another weight cutting thread, but would really appreciate the correct way to drop 8 or so lbs via diet/liquid change in a week for a same day weigh in tournament. No sauna, no bikes, etc since I will be out of town. Thanks a lot.
if you are staying out of town just book your room at a motel that has a sauna even alot of cheper ones will have them if this is not possable here is a trick me and my buddys like to use alot buy a sauna suit at wall mart they are only 11 bucks just before going to bed skip rope or go for a jog any thing to get you nice and warm for about 20 minutes as soon as your done jump in a hot shower i am talking as hot as you can handle all this will raise your core temp as soon as you get out throw on a light tshirt and some boxer shorts then your sauna suit over that some baggy sweat pants and shirts wear some heavy socks and a bennie then go strait to sleep you will drop 3 to 5 pounds by morning never fails
Yeah saunas work great I always used them before a wrestling meet lose up to like 5 lbs and I had trouble losing weight since I had very little excess weight (id be in 3 layers at practice and lose an lb most, 3).