ankle injury?

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Jan 27, 2007
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I have sprained my ankles many times throughout high school (i'm 24 now). I recently decided to get my ass back into shape since i've been slobbing it for the past 3 years. Now, whenever I put a little too much pressure on my left ankle, from skipping or basketball, the back of my ankle would hurt. It's the spot right above the heel, not a bone perhaps a ligament? I wouldn't feel it until after an hour of exercise.

Has anybody experienced this?
Ive had a recurring ankle injury since i tore my ligaments about 2 months ago.

Fuckin pain the arse man. Thought all was well after 6 weeks started training and all was well until i went over on it half cut.

Anyway there are some good resources on the internet regarding the best method of rehab.

I found the following article useful and it also has a fairly comprehensive bibliography at the end for further reading.

Anyway i feel your pain mate.
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