Anaerobic helping long distance?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by ratfacedkid, Nov 22, 2005.

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    In the Guerilla Cardio article it said that Vo2 max was increased higher in the sprint group compared to the long cardio group. Isn't vo2 max the only energy system being trained in something like long distance running? Would utilizing a routine of GC, burpees, and short runs around 2 miles help in long distance running?

    Most people say build a base of conditioning with aerobic training and then go into anaerobic. But would a training routine built around a lot of anaerobic, with a little aerobic ultimately help aerobic better than a routine composed of a lot of aerobic and a little anaerobic?

    I know this sounds confusing I hope someone can see into my question.

    Bottomline I want conditioning to smoke a 2 mile run and do other highly anaerobic things but still be able to plod along at a 7 minute mile pace for runs up to 8-10 miles.
  2. Reakt

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    from my experience im almost certain Guerilla Cardio and 400m intervals helped my longer distances. I think the tabata method targets both the anaerobic and aerobic systems, and running 400m intervals is also around 50/50 areobic and anaerobic
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    If your used to doing the high intensity stuff, plodding along for 8 miles is nothing.
    That said, you need to be able to do a high workload for the carry over. So maybe total of 10 minutes fast paced running could translate over to 40 minutes plodding. Its really just boredom that makes me stop when I plod along

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