Anaconda Choke


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Sep 30, 2005
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what is the sudden thing about the anaconda choke my instructor told me that hes known about it forever
I think it works really well when you can knee like in PRIDE.
so until recently people didn't think to use it in MMA I guess, it was just another
technique nothing special amongst a sea of other techniques.
my opinion as to why its not taught. it starts from standing, off a shoot. very few places start from standing due to crowding reasons so not many people knew about it until nog opened all of our eyes and then people are like well maybe we should teach this or at least learn to defend it
Creating threads about the anaconda choke is about as played as questioning the hype about it. It is a cool looking choke that mainstream MMA fighters such as Nogueira & Couture have shown fans. People should just except it is a cool choke & not fuss that people like it.
I was taught the choke not too long before Couture used in MMA. My instructor also likes the choke but doesn't use it often in his game. It is just a good choke for MMA as people tend to end up in that position after sprawling, kneeling etc.
afjiu-jitsuguy said:
like it is the first thread you see when ur on the grappling technique forum
It's at the top because it's a sticky due to soooo many damn threads about "how do I do the Anaconda choke".

It's just the "flavour of the month" (although it's been longer than a friggin month) because Nog used it in MMA so now every n00b & his dog wants to know about it.
i prefer the brabo choke ehicj basicly is the same thing but from half guard
If you ever wrestled in High School they teach you the Anaconda or gator
personally I like both the Brabo & the Anaconda,
they work well for me.