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Alright where is Bruce Lovly


Dec 19, 2001
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Does he know that there si a new Billy Mays commercail. For the best prodect in the world. The "Gohper" It is a 7 foot suction cup arm that picks stuff up. It is the worst T.V. add ever. Why would you buy that. He has a funny saying it is "That's becuase of it's Suction Action" Bruce lovlely has got ot see this. Classic.
Bruce Lovely is in the closet, in a while he'll be 'coming out'
Originally posted by Conrad
He has a funny saying it is "That's becuase of it's Suction Action"

i think punkie would enjoy it more :D
Bruce Lovely's whereabouts? I think we've lost another one to the outside world.
Bruce Lovely = Future Admin

.......... in the distant future........
I just saw this thread, so sorry about bringing it back up.

I have not seen this ad, but I will be on the look out.

I can't wait until post 500.
And I already am an admin; I am in charge of new members.

I'm just waiting for "moderator" to be put under my name.
Look for the Gopher it will change your life.