ALMOST beat a guy at the movie theatre!~


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Jun 9, 2002
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So i'm at the movie "signs" tonight...

these FUCKS like 5 seats down would NOT shut up. The WHOLE movie they commentated....

OH, whats gonna happeN? don't open that door, mel! oh look, an alien!"

I said "shhh" a few times hoping they would get the picture. Nope. The fuckers kept talking....

I tried slow breathing techniques to keep my cool...

THEN I said fuck it, just turned to them and said "can you people SHUT THE FUCK UP?" I'M trying to watch the movie"....

This white trash dude says "you talkin' to me???"

I said yeah, keep your filthy mouth shut. He said "OH YEAH?"

I said yeah, and if you don't shut up i'm gonna bitch slap that mullet right off your fucking head.

I walked right over to the guy and said whats up bitch stand up...Half the movie theater turns around...

Not only was the dude scared to stand up, his 300 lb wife/gf stands up and says fuck you blah blah....I said sit the fuck down, carney before I pimp slap you too...I kept my cool knowing there were about 200 witnesses there...

LOL...I swear the whole 3 rows around me wanted to give me a medal afterward for shutting these fuckers up. Next time I'm going to have my gf go pull the car around front so I can assault these fuckers and run like hell....fuckin commentators!!!!!!!!!
Are you looking for someone to jack off in your mouth, or is there another reason you shared...
sorry J garden.. I'll be careful before I insult you in front of your fat wife again.

or as the people in scotland would say "oy matey, that limey bloke almost smacked the bullocks outta me mate at the cinema"

if you're used the Scottish dialect i would have chortled along with you. I am not a limey either that is the english based upon what they put in the water to avoid scurvy. The feeble attempt at Scottish people was ...a bit sad

if this was the cinema i would have pelted you with red hot lead popcorn.

I do agree though people that talk throughout movies are fucking ass holes.
yeah, I'm glad it was "almost". Whenever you have a certain degree of success you are wide open for a lawsuit...

The only way I fight now is if I KNOW I can get away before the police show up...scott free baby.
GF learn how to be creative and a magnaminous prick before you sling insults, even turds like Doggnutz don't get the usefullness of being imaginative and original
Are you looking for someone to jack off in your mouth, or is there another reason you shared...
it took you a few threads for me to notice you.

Come back when you spell thief right
A few days ago I always started fighing with this, guy, But I maneged to avoid fighting, still knowing that I would have kicked his ass, later I saw him again with his friend, who also was there at that time, When I looked closer I noticed that the friend had this BO rod in his hand that I didn't see that I had there before, Hehe If i would have stared to fight I would probably be in the hospital by know
U know what I hate I hate it when stupid fucken people that sit in back of you and they start kick your seat I hate that shit.
Or people who lets their kids run wild in the theater
I like to sit at the top and throw m&m's.

and I put my hand up on the projector and toss stuff so it can interfere with the movie.

You are the Hardest Mother Fucker I have ever known.....