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Jul 22, 2007
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I've been sick recently and a friend recommended I buy something called "Airborne." She promised I'd feel much better after taking it and to my surprise, I did. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm thinking about buying a bit more of it to take at the end of a heavy lifting/training week just to "boost my immune system."

All you do is drop the tablet into 4-6oz of water and drink. Doesn't taste that bad compared to some proteins I've tried. Meh, it worked for me.
This might be way old, but I give the product a thumbs up. :icon_chee


Yeah they just got successfully sued for something like $23 million for falsely advertising a vitamin for medicinal purposes. Something along those lines.
Never did shit for me, Zicam usually works really well for me and others have told me the same.
I'd have to say it's a placebo effect unless you're deficient in one of the vitamins and minerals that are included.

The Herbal blend looks stupid. The number one ingredient is maltodextrin and there's only 350mg's total? And those amino's aren't in a big enough dosage to do shit... in fact, they probably wouldn't do shit in large dosages either.

A simple multi would probably have more benefit.
Screw Airborne. I'd take Zicam over that stuff any day of the week.
I don't have a source, but I saw a story on one of the cable news channel that stated independent studies show the product has no effect at preventing the cold or flu.

It may have a placebo effect, so if your reading this hopefully I'm not ruining the effect for you.

It does seem to contain vitamins and stuff, so I certainly wouldn't say it's a bad thing to ingest, but definitely take their claims with a grain of salt. I also heard they were in trouble with the FDA for making false claims about the benefits of using the product.

Eat a healthy diet and take your vitamins. Your own healthy immune system is the best defense against cold and flu. I haven't had either for years, since I cleaned up my diet and started exercising regularly.

Which brings me to another point. One of the major selling points of Airborne is that it was "CREATED BY A SCHOOL TEACHER!". Now just not any teacher, but a 2nd grade teacher. Someone enlighten me as to why I would trust anything a school-teacher made? How is that even a half-way valid selling point?

Ha ha, I thought that was pretty funny. I'm not sure if it's because I live under a rock or what, but I've never seen this stuff advertised. It is hilarious that their selling point is that it's designed by a 2nd grade teacher :D
my g/f is a teacher and her and other teachers live off that stuff to stay as healthy as possible with those germ infested children. They all swear by it so apparently it works.
I think the point of taking Airborne is like it states. If you are going out to places where you might enounter germs, the above poster about kids in class...not so much that it will cure a cold. But if you take it at the first sign of a cold, it should boost your immune system and lessen the cold symptoms.
my g/f is a teacher and her and other teachers live off that stuff to stay as healthy as possible with those germ infested children. They all swear by it so apparently it works.

What does that prove? I drink milk and I haven't caught syphilis yet. Milk must be a great defense against syphilis. I swear by it.
a decent energy drink from the gas station has similar nutrition facts plus b-vitamins and more amino acids
There's been some claims that zicam can cause you to lose your sense of smell. I don't know how bullshit that is.

I like zicam, swabbing the inside of my nose with zinc. After I read that though. I switched to the oral spray.

With zicam though you still have to catch it early. Any signs of sore throat or malaise and you gotta start spraying every couple of hours. You can't wait until snot's coming out of your nose.
noobloser... as to what does it prove? It proves that it is well known in certain circles and it is known to work for the purpose of staying healthy when around other sick people. cute story with your milk and syphilis though I enjoyed it :)