Aug 30, 2005
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Does anyone use this to help open their nasal passages to get more air? I was thinking about this because I have had a cold and it helps a ton to breathe better.
chemicals = bad

try a breathe-right strip, if that doesnt work, I would probably just try to tough it out... cold's aren't forever.
Bro, I've had the same sort of issues & used Afrin. Keep in mind that it is mildly adictive in the sense that your nasal pasages will clear but frequent use you will stop up bigtime and feel the need to use it again.

If that happens deal with the congestion for about a day and you'll be back to normal.

I used to get nose bleeds really bad. As I kid it would just start. Afirn also helped before fights to shrink the blood vessals & also helped keep my airways open. I suggest using it a couple of hours befroe a fight if you do at all.

I eventually had to get my nose cartized. No more nose bleeds.

Oddly a fighter at our gym had the same nose bleed issue and we were going to get his done but it doesn't seem to be done anymore.