adding another pressing day, things to remember


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Aug 25, 2004
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i am currently on a push/pull/legs routine. i am planning on switching my routine so my OH press is on a different day then my bench. what are some things i should remember when pressing on 2 days to avoid injury and stagnation?

i was thinking to scale down the weight on one and vary intensities.
Just try and give yourself 48-72 hours between pressing workouts.
I've been making my best gains ever in pressing strength in the last 2 months, training it 3/week with either 3 compound lifts or 2 compound lifts and a tricep assistance exercise thrown in. I never go under 5 reps. That's just my own little personal experience though.
why not split training my movements and planes? vertical plane upperbody horizontal plane upperbody quad dominant lower body and hip dominant lower body?
please elaborate on planes, with example excercises,

i know bench/row are the horizontal plane. where would incline press be? i know OH press and pullups are the vertical plane

i would keep dips on my bench day.
im planning on having my upper body days look like this:

day 1-
bb bench
db incline
tricep bench
weighted dip

day 5
weighted pullup
oh press
db row
grip/4arm work
incline press is still a horizontal plane exercise.

if you're interested in this stuff, check waterbury's article:

i've worked this routine for a while, but i feel that it's time for a change. carnal posted an OHP specialized routine a while back, and once i figure how to incorporate my deadlifts, i think i may try that.
its an interesting idea but i like mine better for right now