About SD Fight Club in San Diego????


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Oct 5, 2005
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I've recently had to change teams and I was wondering your guys opinion. Should I go to Fabio Santos' school or SD Fight Club? I know all about Fabio's, the training, prices, and such, but I'm curious what kind of reputation SD Fight Club has. Can anyone post what they know? I'm pretty excited about making the transition and meeting new training partners and friends but I just want to know what I should lean towards. I like Fabio's but it's very expensive and you can only go so many days a week where at FC you don't pay as much and can go as many days as you want. So money wise I see the options, but I need more pros and cons. Thanks ya'll!
Before you do anything check out Brandon Vera's or Tyrone Glover's jiu jitsu class at city boxing SD fight club is going down under and I never heard of Fabios but all I have to say is try it out and you'll see what I am talking about. Cityboxing.com or 619 233 5444
never heard of fabios?? lol, u been training for two weeks or something?? lol,,,,,,,heartelss, it depends what u want to do, for gi training u cant be fabios, but sdfight club also does mma training as well, and city boxing as everything although they are a lil pricey. also check out the boxing club with dean lister, same thing as city boxing but alot cheaper. u should go check out all the places in san diego theres a lot of really good schools here. good luck,,,,pm me if u want any more info
What gym did you train at before you quit? If you're close to the area, come check out Black Tiger, off Miramar road. $90 a month for unlimited training, pretty tough price to beat.
I'm very familiar with all the training places in San Diego, Ca..... The question you are posing isn't really a valid one to tell you the truth... You are comparing an almost totally GI instruction, and jiu jitsu school in Fabio's to a primarily No Gi sub grappling and cross training MMA school at San Diego fight club..... Are you sure you've looked into those schools or are you just asking to get more info.?? It's no secret what each school is all about.

Personally, i could care less about Gi jiu jitsu and coincidentally i'm probably going to sign up at SD fight club in the next week or so.
i was over at Tony's for a while, but i want to try Charlies and see how it is. The class schedule looks good, and the evening training times look good too. I've heard they have a good amount of medium to bigger guys over there. Some of the other things i really liked was that they have conditioning classes and also a BIG plus was the takedown classes. I love to work on takedowns, etc. and it's been extremely hard to do this at any other places. I'd love to be able to show up at class knowing that takedowns will be the format. There are many "submission takedowns" that you will never be able to work on or perfect at the usual sub grappling school.

The start time is a little early over at Tony's for me, and the distance will be about the same. I want to try it for about two months until i compete in a tournament and then i'll decide what to do in the long run.

i was also looking at the boxing club with Dean Lister as well. We'll see how things go. I'm not sure of the pricing over there but i know they have a lot of different classes. I think Dean is a great guy and like him a lot. Although i'm really not too fond of Brent, who is one of his good friends and assistant trainers. He's just not that friendly of a guy, and if i'm going to be going somewhere on a regular basis i don't want any kind of attitudes dragging me down.
Brent's cool bro. I guess you just have to get to know him, he's kinda quite. It seems like you're more mma oriented so I'd say Dean's is a good fit for you. I might be starting up Muay Thai over there next month.
Lobo!!! what up brother,,,,,,,,,whenu gonna start?? u gonna jump in and whoop up the guys on the mat over there also?
I'm thinking about it bro. I'm thinking of jumping in the cage and I need to work on my hands. I went over there a couple months back and dealt some fools. You still training over there?

I'm gonna be heading down to AZ to watch Chance fight. Should be fuckin good.
yeah im still here, we got some good wrestlers here. its good for me cuz we have like 7 guys over 250, and for the most part they are all really good, and chance brought one of his buddys from arizonza who wrestled hvt. me and jimmy just worked it out with james, hes gonna be doing gi work with us on mondays and saturdays, thats the only thing i really miss, is the gi training. chance is gonna fight two days in a row!! thats guys crazy
I just saw him fight yesterday. He fuckin killed that dude. The fight lasted like 45 seconds total. Take down, gnp, took the back, and choked him out.