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Dec 21, 2001
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As i was looking at my profile, and tried *but failed...* to add myself to my buddly list on sherdog.net, i couldn't help but wonder...how many of you add yourself to your buddy list on instant messenger?


I even have 5 names to make myself seem popular. My friends, I have been living a lie...
actually this thread was just to prove a point to be brought up in my next one...but please, feel free to post away here :D
hey j-garden... stop hideing you bastard! Reveal yourself!
I just makes it look like there is less people on the forum and that sucks!

and MP (that is your new name because i dont feel like typeing)
Sorry bro.. i think you are alone on this one :D
if you have AIM, its an easy way to check your info and see what you've got in there. i highly recommend it. And its a guaranteed 1 buddy online whenever you are. Only problem is, he tends to play copycat if you try to talk to him.

I'm invisible because it gives me a cheap voyeuristic kick, it adds a whole dimension, it's like being at a dirty peep show with one way glass...

wow and i thought Petey was a psycho........
you're right, why do you think i stay away from pigeons these days, they're out to get me i'm sure :)
very smart move on your part. My brother brought a wounded pigeon into the house one time, and 1 week later, our power went out for a few minutes. True story.
that fuck, he probably told his friends.

I hate pigeons, thats why i never eat anything from KFC
how KFC got popular is beyond me.


I've eaten there at least 5 times, and i don't think i ever got a single bite of meat.

though their macaroni and cheese is pretty good.
i think they should change the name of the buckets to get" fat and die you corpulent fucks", i'd buy some thats for sure with a diet coke as it'll make some kind of difference to the bloated misshapen sack that my body is
if i was one of the fat jerks that frequent that place i bet thats what i would be thinking
ah nice to see one of the same breed.

the only thing that keeps diet coke from being the most godawful creation on this green earth, is caffeine free diet coke.
quite frankly diet coke tastes remarkably similar to fermented yak piss drunk out of a crusty fishermans boot, not only do i find the image evocative but i'm wondering how i know that
To this day I can't finish a diet coke to save my life - I hate anything diet, low-fat, sodium-free, cholesteral free, caffiene free, nicotene free, anti-aerosal, etc. Give me the whole deal or I feel cheated.
All diet pop is shit thats why its diet. Any food with the word light or diet sucks.
ahhhhh that just reminded me of the worst line in a movie i've ever heard. it was Danny DeVito...i don't know what the movie was, i heard it in a preview. but it goes a little something like this:

"everybody needs money, that's why they call it 'money'!"

but anyhoo...i don't get how they talk about Diet drinks being good for you. They're just slightly less bad than regular drinks...and you pay the price of drinking something that tastes like shit.

and i love dr. pepper to death, but they need to learn how to advertise.