A question to all the grappling gurus here..


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Oct 7, 2006
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How do U break a body triangle? after it's locked in from the back(A.Silva style).... I've never thought about this and apparently elite fighters are just as lost on this issue...

So does anybody know? any vid demo would be appreciated
Sorry no vid, but I hook the top leg with my same side leg over the top, then roll to that side almost on to your leg that has hooked over, kinda go into a ball (fetal positon). Then extend it puts nasty pressure on his triangle.
and don't gimme this shit... :p

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Lol...I just posted that right as u answered... Thanks anywayz dude......But it's not that practicle though, getting that leg trapped isn't a sure thing, but that bodytriangle sure is
I have good success with it. Once you get on your side and ball up a little you can free a hand from defending and use it to help secure the hook, trick is right as he puts it on then go for the defense. Not a common defense so sometimes you can surprise the guy and at least have him let it go.
Elbow in thigh, trust me it works.

Can't do that when u're rolling catch or bjj :icon_chee..... even in mma ur opponent will have 2 arms free to either control your arms or choke u out,while u get the elbowing....THoughts?
Elbow in thigh, trust me it works

Against a VERY few small group of people who would get you into it, in other words newbs or people who really suck. Elbow in the thigh is not feasible, unless the dude on your back has zero idea as to what he is supposed to be doing on your back. If he is staying on you and controlling your arms, no chance, or a quick choke for your trouble.
I absolutely hate body triangles, well when they are being done to me. I love to actually do them on other people.

Against some people they are just really hard to get out of. I remember asking Rodrigo Gracie the same question at a seminar. He proceeded to get one of the purple belts (who is very strong and has the perfect physique for body triangles) to catch him in one and lock it on.

Rodrigo tried to do the one shown above in the video and it took a long time for him to get out. I tried it against the same person and had no luck.

I hate it when they manage to turn you over and do a spinal crank.
roll onto the side that the triangle opens (like in the video), butter fly hook the leg on the ground with your far leg and try to open it by lifting the leg and taking any room with your other knee. Sometimes the guy will try and hide his foot so you can't butterfly hook it, this is when you use the submission in the video.

And the sub isn't that bad if you know when to use or how to set it up. If the guy has the triangle locked over his lower shin, the sub doesn't really work. You need to get his leg over his foot.
Prevent the body triangle from being locked up in the first place. There is very little you can do against an experienced opponent who has you in a body triangle. If you are caught in the body triangle, you've already lost.
Elbow on the side of the leg that goes across your body. You can defend the neck while doing this.
LOL, I watched the vid and thought "man! This guy sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but what's up with the no arm gear???"

Click on the vid and find out it's Cesar Gracie...
Elbow on the side of the leg that goes across your body. You can defend the neck while doing this.

Have you used this on a purple or better?
I just have trouble thinking it will work on anyone with some mat time.