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Nov 18, 2012
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Why are people saying Nick Diaz talked his way into a title fight with GSP? What has he said to make people think he has trolled his way into a fight he doesn't deserve? I haven't heard from him in ages. I mean he literally has no news or words that would make any reasonable person say "yeah, that guy just bullshitted himself into a fight he doesn't deserve." The very last thing I heard from him was 7 whole words on Twitter, after St. Pierre beat Condit. I am not impressed with your performance-- Holy shit! That guy wouldn't stop until he got this fight!!1! Has he no sense of shame?!!
It seems like diaz haters were just trying to find a reason. Any reason. They see it as nick and nick alone is fucking hendricks on fighting gsp
he said Georges was a pussy who couldn't take a punch

Oh, well then I see he's gone to the Chael Sonnen school of trolling. I imagine Georges had so many sleepless nights from that insult. No wonder his honor is on the line. How dare he say he can't take a punch. That shit is really personal. Can I also get a citation, and date?
He recently made a video bashing GSP and tweeted him.
Typical haters. Diaz is top ranked, had strikeforce belt, beatdown BJ 'no surprse' just didnt do enough to get the nod but could eazily be top comp.
"I am not impressed by your performance" RIGHT after he beat Condit pretty dominantly.
"I am not impressed by your performance" RIGHT after he beat Condit pretty dominantly.

So a benign(harmless, joking) comment in the fresh of a title fight gets you in? Hendricks is doing it wrong, if that's the case. Just make a simple comment about his abilities and you are locked into a title fight. Poor Chael, wasting all that energy.

/Who knew?
Dude GSP nut huggers are mad crazy.

Look GSP is a great fighter!

Wait no he is a great competitor, dude Nick didnt troll it.

Does he desrve after losing to Condit? Probably not.

DOes the fight make sense? UMMM Yes it does.

Remeber the old UFC the UFC super fights. Its on par with that.

Nuthuggers get over it, it's fight that needs to happen anyways.

I just thin nuthuggers think GSo will make the mistake of standing with DIaz and get his ass kicked.

But come on theis is georges "no rush" St. Pierre. He is going to dominantly wreslte F his way decision.

Nuthugger dont be Scurred!
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