8 weeks enough time?



So yeah basically my cardio is shit, I have a tournament May25th.

I plan on jogging 2x a week and doing the sprints that I got from Rsoo trainng website.

Think this is enough time? Even if its not Im still going to fight lol.
Is this an MMA fight or a BJJ competition?

Anyways, 2 months is fine.
Ditch jogging unless you're training gor a long distance running event?

4 x 800m would be more effective, they're 60% aerobic and 40% anaerobic so great for training both systems. Finish each one as fast as poss and then finish up with some 50m sprints.

Throw in some minute drills to that replicate the length of your rounds, ie for a 3 minute round do 30 seconds each of:

double-unders on a rope

Or any combination of exercises you choose.
Thanks for the replys, I think Im going to mix in soem circut training, sprints, and regular old jogging.

Oh and yeah its a BJJ tournament.
Sprint and medium distance running at high intensity is key. A regular old jog will not do nearly as much for you unless you're currently in terrible shape. Tabata burpess are always good. Also roll at a higher intensity while training. 8 weeks is more than enough time to get in shape for a BJJ comp.
You have plenty of time for sprint work etc to be worked in. However nothing will get you in the cardio shape for the event, better than the event itself.
8 weeks is plenty of time to get in shape. However if your in poor shape it may end being a hard working 8 weeks to get in good shape by the tourny. doing some sparring BJJ work will be one of the best ways to be ready.
No jogging. HIIT and running repeats on stairs/hills. You can track your progess each week by doing this treadmill run I read about from Bas Rutten:

5 minutes at level 5 (12 min/mile pace), followed by
5 minutes at level 6, followed by
5 minutes at level 7, followed by
5 minutes at level 8, followed by
5 minutes at level 9, followed by
5 minutes at level 10 (6 min/mile pace)
no rest in between each.

If you do 30 minutes of intervals one day each week + hills/stairs another day, plus this treadmill workout, you'll improve immensely and fast.