57 days - 20 lbs


Jul 24, 2005
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Ok im not actualy trying to lose 20 but that would be nice. I actualy only need to lose 15-16... So its not as bad. Im 6'2 210lbs - and i have a gut.
Im trying to eat a little better but maybe some people can help me out with a diet and what i should be doing on my off days from bjj. My schedual looks like this

Monday - Bjj training 10:00am-11:30am
Tuesday - Bjj training 10:00am-11:30am- WORK - Bjj Training 7:00-8:30pm ---dinner--sleep
Wednesday - Bjj training 10:00am-11:30am
Thursday - Bjj training 10:00am-11:30am- WORK - Bjj Training 7:00-8:30pm ---dinner--sle
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Body weight workouts. Pushups, Situps, dips, pull ups, burpees, little shadow work.
for about 30-45 minutes total.. Happens when ever i feel like getting down and doing it
Sunday - Ride my Mountain bike for 30 mins. chill the rest of the day.

This is a for a bjj tournament.. I dont want to fight Heavyweight so i need to be under 195 to do so.
Any help? i did a search but im just trying to find out most effecient way to do this healthy.

I also wanted to ask about colon cleansers.. I have never used one and i heard they clean the system out and could drop the weight a little bit. not much but maybe a lb or two.. plus i want all that bad crap out of my body
It looks pretty good, but you may wanna get some more running/cardio in there. Maybe get up a bit earlier before BJJ class and do 30 mins of running 3x a week (or more). I just started training again in april, and by July I lost 22 lbs. My training is like so:

Monday/Wed: 1 hour cardio, then one hour of Muay Thai (mostly sparring)
Tue/Thur: 1 hours of circuit, one hour of MMA and (very rarely) another hour of Muay Thai.
Fri: 30 min Mauy, 30 Min MMA
There were weeks a missed a day too. I think the biggest thing was I quit drinking all booze for a month, no soda or fast food either. I do body weight excersies on my days off from work.

I also reduced the amount of meat I ate alot. Just once or twice a week.

I have no idea about the colon cleanser thing. I've only read the Ozzy's kid Jack did it before his fight and he lost a alot of weight. If you try it and it works, let us know.

Ever think of just getting down to 200 and then maybe dehydrate the last few pounds before the comp? At any rate..good luck to ya man, hope your training goes well.
i think ill add running in monday wednesday and sunday...... i ran tonight for 30 mins in sweats... i feel good tonight.. going to chill and fall asleep in about 2 hours.
I dunno really thats why im asking.... i used to hear about it all the time in the supplement threads. People using it to clean out their system... and it resulted in some weight loss as well.