2012 Mayberry Awards: Most Surprising Banning


Turtle Power
Jul 6, 2009
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Welcome to The 2012 Sherdog Mayberry Posting Award Ceremony!

We're here to honor those awesome, and maybe not so awesome, posters and threads here on Sherdog that really stand out from the rest of the pack for one reason or another.

So let's continue with the:

Most Surprising Banning

Here's the list of nominees...

I'm torn with Black and JSN. Being that Black was a man of the cloth, and the way he went out I will lean toward him...
wow that's a lot of good posters.

That's actually an outrage.

Hmm, widsom and rusking are still around. I'll go with therevmrblack
JSN was to the mayberry what chicken and watermelon are to...he was a staple.
It'd actually Rushkan... :redface:

"Ask me anything about Russia" Greatest thread eva!
Is rushkin, ruskhan? I hope so because I voted for him.
Didn't care much for Delbert and his posting.
lol. i liked delbert. he was a right twat. but a funny guy. but his banning, not suprised. he had that coming all the time.

and i liked rev alot. he had a meltdown, knew it was coming and accepted the banning with arms wide open.......... *creed plays........
Delbert was a scumbag from the get go, the hammer took too long in his case.

Mr Black will be sorely misssed :'(
what was Rush's ban for again?
Delbert was a scumbag from the get go, the hammer took too long in his case.

Mr Black will be sorely misssed :'(

i take back what i said about delbert. i didnt LIKE him. but i didnt hate him. he trolled people as much as dreams did.... alot of his posts were hilarious.
what was Rush's ban for again?

Too cool for sherdog. Out fucking cooled the mods themselves and feared his "boss levels". Thus with all the mods powers combined (from the mayberry, heavies, war room, P&m, etc.) onto one single banhammer, they smite him!
delbert was funny and even broncoi had his moments when he wasnt ranting about jews
Steak was really not surprising.

Delbert wasn't either. We had many convos about how the mods were out for his blood. Was only a matter of time.

Rev had to snap eventually. Not surprising if you know anything about him.

Didn't know Broncoi was banned, probably the Hews that did it.

JSN was on a one-way trip to bantown his whole career. I'm still very gotten to that they banned him though. Very quality poster.

Rushcan and MMAWisdom were big shocks to me. They didn't seem to be the type to get bant.
Wisdom had a lot of posts and I don't remember him with dubbs.

He sure hated SUVs though
Since my vote doesnt count anyway i vote PhantomNugget. He went from being the TS of some of the most viewed threads in Mayberry and posting all the time to total implosion within a week or so. After the mod call out thread his days were numbered. I dont know too many of the other nominees. Broncoi was funny. No idea why he got banned though. This thread would be better if you could include their last post (censored out) or reason for banning.