20 min 'Burning fat' dogma???


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Apr 30, 2005
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Someone made a good point in another thread that didn't get answered..

I was always taught that you do running for 20+ mins because at 20 mins of a nice jog everything after that is when it burns fat.. but I hear the Guerilla Cardio which is only 4 mins (tho an intense 4 mins) basically claims it isn't true..

Is there anything proof that this is a better method then the 20 + min dogma about burning fat and losing weight

Thanks Sherdog
There are quite a few articles on it.

I forgot the links but you could probably google it.

I've heard nothing but good things about the program and that most people drop 5% or more body fat (which is a lot) when they're consistently on the guerilla cardio program.
in a pretty short time too (incomparison to normal slow cardio).

Sorry, didn't answer you question there either
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) of any kind has simply warranted results. Yes it is kind of cardio cramming, and endurance athletes will combine it AND programs that have more time and distance, but for someone not primarily looking for endurance but to have decent cardio and burn fat it's a good base program to do.
Interval training raises your metabolism for over two hours after you're done with the workout. Admitedly it's not going to be going at the same rate it was at 4 minutes as it will at 120 minute, but when you compare it to jogging (which returns to normal fairly quickly) you can see that interval training has the advantage. futhermore, because it's anaerobic it's more likely to increase the size of the muscles used and therefore have a dramatic advantage over jogging (more muscle = greater resting metabolic rate = more calories burned while you sit on your ass and do nothing).

There are many studies on it. google interval training, HIIT, high intensity interval training, guerilla cardio, etc. to find some good articles on it.
i think the 20 minute dogma is basically a rule of thumb that considers
a) moderate intensity (4-5 mets or 30- 50 % of MHR)
b) an average amount of gylcogen being stored

What overrides the 20 minute dogma
1) High intensity training
2) doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning