2 Videos- Berimbolo Modern- Self-Defense Tradition

personally i feel like self defense gets put on the back burner. i like this defense a lot
When you are knocking him down with the slide reset are you pushing the DLR hook deep so that it is in front of his far hip? I know pushing the hook deep can put the leg in danger, so I was wondering how to find the right balance?
Good video, I get leg dragged sometimes from that position so thats good to have a defense.

You are correct. Putting the de la riva hook too deep can put one in danger for a leglock attack. The de la riva hook is engaged and not loose when attempting to knock the opponent to the mat.

I like to do a combo of strategies to get the opponent's hip to the mat. From the standing reference point:

* I like to control the belt and have my free foot pushing the hip to knock the guy down or use Rafael Mendes' pulling the opponent close strategy with a good angle form posting the free foot to the mat only to bring the foot back to the hips to lift the guy in the out.

* I like to also hook the far knee with my feet foot for distance control and protection against legdrags.

* I like to have my free foot to the mat to do this slide-rest strategy.

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