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2 Dumbell clean


Try Sarah Topps
Apr 7, 2006
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I was reading an article I printed out regarding the two dumbell clean circa 1950s era. It has a picture of Roy Hilligen and Doug Hepburn on the page. Anyway Hilligen is cleaning two 142 pound dumbells at a bodyweight of around 180. In the caption it says "few men can clean a pair of 100s." I'm just curious here, how many of you can clean a pair 100s? It didn't mention anything about putting them overhead. And if you can do more than 100s, what is your max?

** Also in a Reg Park interview, he states that cleaning and pressing a pair of 100s was one of his favorite memories and he was very proud of himself when he accomplished this. Later he went on to do 140-44 in strict pressing fashion.
I've done 1x100 with a PP for set of 3... I may try this tomorrow just outa curiosity.
Ive done 3x65 clean and jerk. I think I could hit 80lbs max right now though as balance is a factor, but I probably couldn't jerk it and definitely couldn't press it.
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I have cleaned 70's to get them into position for overhead pressing. Just like the guy in the video. Not sure how much I could actually do. I might try it.
I can one dumb clean & press 110#, but I can only 2 hand C&P 85-90s. Its not a movement I do with any regularity.
I have never tried but for some reason feel like I could clean up 2 100's.
I have to do the dumbell clean now, unless I use a standard bar. Other equipment has been encroaching on my pumping station and the 7 foot bar is too long to do explosive movements without running the risk of damaging something. I can clean and push press 110s now.