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2-3 Week Substitute for Deads?


The Baddy
Apr 24, 2005
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I'm currently doing a 3 day split lift routine. Basically it's Pressing, Pulls, and Squats and other leg work. On my pull day I do deadlifts and I was wondering what I should in place of deadlifts after 3 straight weaks of deadlifting. I was thinking maybe straight legged for a week or two just so I don't burn out but I'm not really sure what I should do in place. Any thoughts would be helpful thanks.
Rackpulls, powercleans, highpulls, deads from blocks...

I'm sure some of the senior dudes know many more.
If you had kettlebells or Clubbells..you could do swings..,,Good mornings..Hyperextenion/row...Get in the Hyper bench holding a plate or db, then slowly lower yourself until DB touch the floor, then raise yourself up to your back is straight, then you do a row with the DB, then back down, etc..
Thanks alot guys I'll give them a try. Also, I was an ass and used too much weight last time and my lower back is really killing me. Any advice on how to speed up the recovery so I can hit squats heavy in a few days? I tried to squat today but the pain was really bad in the lower back.
I would target your weakest point in the lift, and sub out an assistant for that while you're taking time off the full movement. Like myself I struggle with the lockout, so I usually substitute rack pulls.

oops saw this post at the bottom and answered it. didnt realize it was that old.
You could always lower the weight and increase the reps for some added fun. It's kind of like masturbating with a numbed hand.
If you've hurt your lower back maybe its a good idea not to probe it?
Get it checked out first.
Try hack deadlifts (stand in front of the bar), see if if is what you want.
You can't substitute deadlifts! That would make you a heretic.
Temporarily is almost as bad as permanently! Is he cyclotimic or something?
Why would it be bad? Thats just stupid, lots of people thinks that it is a good idea to cut back on deadlifts and train the weakpoints of the lifts for some time and then come back and smash old PRs..
It isn't that bad. In fact my guys only deadlift once maybe twice a month. Look at Barut, and Fatkid, no one doubts their, numbers or mine really. It is simple cycles nothing more nothing less.

DB snatches, power cleans, hang cleans, DB swings, etc will all be good for replacing it for a while. Nothing wrong with what you are thinking either. I myself never squat and DL in the same week unless the squats were a DE day, which is still rare.