14 day self-imposed boot camp


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Jun 23, 2005
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I haven't been pushing myselft lately and I'm really frustrated. Starting this morning, it's a self-imposed boot camp. I can rest after my 14 days are up. I'm doubling my workout everyday and taking no days off. The only reason I'm posting this is so hopefully some of you guys can talk a little shit to make sure I hit it hard every day.

Wish me luck.
Whats the rush yo? Sounds like your putting alot of pressure on yourself...give yourself a break, try making small improvements over time rather than going for the whole bowl of wax in 2 weeks. When your frustrated try trying softer and when things are going well then push yourself boot camp style. Alot of the guerrilla style work-outs that i learned here on sherdog helped me when i had been slumping or wasn't up for going to they gym, including Tabatta Squats which took only 4 minutes and a big clock w/a second hand and then pow, i'm back on the couch, quads on fire, metabolism thru the roof, and smoking my first bowl hit of the day even though i had a few before. I usually go thru a slump of not wanting to train 2x/month and sometimes last as much as 5 days each but by doing the something is better than nothing philosophy i can usually maintain my strenght and condition at a level until i get back on the horse...

Good luck though. Let us know how it goes. Please do share if the rush is for a specific sport or something or goal...

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I'm actually not training for a sport or a fight right now, I just feel like I hit a plateau with everything. My stand up is starting to get tedius, weight training is boring. Grappling is all right but I feel like I should be more explosive. Basically, the reason I'm doing this is to get mentally tuned by doing stuff that it is hard to push yourself to do.

Day one went all right. I got up at 5:30 and did guerilla even though it was cold as balls. Went to work, went to school, came home and popped out 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. I benched, did dumbell incline, flys, triceps, and curls. Then I did some thrusts with my 100 pound bag on my hips. I also worked ground and pound transitions on the bag from side guard, mount, 69, sit outs, etc.

Tomorrow I've got a 13 hour day at work so all I want to get done is 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. I'd like to do some squats too, but time is a commodity.
Your doing waaaaaaay too much...Some of the words you use to describe your situation; plateau, boring, tedious,...you need a break! Like a week or two. And during your break think about quality not quanity when you resume your training...what are your goals...got to make them specific...will is finite, your going to mentally/physically break down with a schedule like that sooner or later...someone posted a thread hear once about doing just one thing training wise per day , make it intense, and thats it...i think it was a t-nation thread...i'll see if i can find it...its a radical change from your perception but its something to think about...even marine corps boot camp, the recruits get 3 large balanced meals/day and get 8 hours of sleep/night usually more if out in the field...
Just get the Celebrity Fit Club training DVD, starring Harvey Waldman the 4th.
I do hope your boot camp goes well. My experience is that the 14 weeks after the 14 days might prove to be more crucial in terms of getting you to the next level.
If You Train For 14 Days Straight You Will Get Hurt Mark My Words
THe notion brought up by the fellow directly above this post was made in extreme stupidity! How many of us train for more than fourteen days in a row? I certainly do and I would hope in and all fighters would as well.