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    Ok I will try to make this short as possible as I don't want to bore the training gurus and make y'all stop reading. I've been going to the gym regurlarly for the past 3 years but I've also not eaten especially healthy for the past 3 years. I gained fat as well as muscle (I'm 183cm and 80kg so I'm not a fatty, just have a bit of excessive fat). Now I want to lose the fat and not lose much muscle mass in the process.

    I take 90 minute long intense walks every day before breakfast and after breakfast I hit the gym (every 2nd day) which is right around the corner. Now I'm gonna go on a 12 week personal boot camp, not 1 small cola or 1 piece of candy or anything remotely unhealthy. That's like phase 1, I intend to have reached my goal before New years eve so that gives me some time. Besides fish and chicken filet, I really don't know what has a good balance of protein and little fat. I don't mind suffering a little, certainly I can eat the not so tasty stuff if it helps me closer to my goal. I'm not sure how to pose the questions for programs or specific meals since I've never been that organized in my training. Perhaps someone could just find it in their heart to give me some spontaneous tips. Much appreciated.
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    1) Increase your intense walks to runs or jogs. You'll burn more and won't suffer loss of too much muscle.

    2) Sources of protein are in abundance. Chicken and fish (white meat chicken), but there's also turkey, beef is alright, even some cuts of pork are fine. Use your eyes, you can look at them and see which ones are fatty. Then there's also protein supplements, shakes and whatnot.

    3) Be sure and intake plenty of carbs, but good carbs. Stick with green veggies primarily and whole grain products. If you're going to get any sugar make sure it comes in natural forms, honey, fruits, these are best.

    4) Be SURE and intake plenty of good fat. Dietery fat is something MANY people overlook. Fish oil or Flax oil supplements, actually it would be best to get an EFA or Omega Complex.
  3. Carl Guest

    Thanks man.
  4. Wolverine Green Belt

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    Definetly switch to running for about 30 minutes. It will burn more then a 90 minute hard walk, and it will save you 60 minutes.

    Also, you want to probably grab you a bucket of Whey protein to help with the protein intake. But real food is first.

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    Mar 10, 2005
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    The tips mentioned above are great, I'd like to add that you HAVE to get organized if you are serious about it. Track your progress, go into the gym with a plan and track your workouts. It's also fun to look back and see what kind of improvements you make.

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