Usage for hash tag: metoo

  1. StonedLemur


    #metoo sir lol.

    Crime Letitia James Under Pressure to Prosecute Jon Stewart for selling his New York home 829% over market value

    I agree. I sold my old shitty single home for $100K , I payed 70K. I lived there for a few years. I guess Letitia is gonna go after #metoo
  3. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1155: Somebody Call Rock or Cody's Momma!

    #metoo I'm like that a lot when I'm out as long as I'm in a good place. Thanks to God I am mostly so it's pretty neat. But Ol Rex is still a work in progress. No doubt it. I don't want to be aloof too much, Pete.
  4. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1155: Somebody Call Rock or Cody's Momma!

    #metoo Gizmo was a hell of a shot
  5. JackWhite

    NFL Discussion: Chiefs Dynasty

    Dakota finna get #metoo'd:
  6. fungi

    Crime Epstein-Esque Allegations Emerge Against Sean 'Diddy' Combs In Federal Lawsuit

    It's all relative. Epstein was not a celebrity, and his name had been mostly unknown outside of certain "circles"/holes/orifices/etc, up until #metoo went megaglobal/super-mainstream. Puffter was sorta mainstream. Maybe not a household name, butt (he prolly likes them, male butts), he was...
  7. Kovalev's "Man Bag"

    News Haney vs Ryan García DAZN PPV Golden Boy April 20th @ Barclays

    Yeah it's hard for me to believe that it happened to him at that age. Most people can't remember a damn thing before the age of 4 or 5. Nevertheless he's gone full #metoo and this fight should be canceled. He needs professional help.
  8. Madmick

    Joe Rogan is this generation's Larry King

    Charlie Rose was the greatest interviewer alive, but they #metoo'd him with one of the most bullshit cases you'll ever come across. Nobody else is worth watching.
  9. Madmick

    Crime Harvard professor says ‘all hell broke loose’ when his study found no racial bias in police shootings

    ...overwhelmingly liberal staff at Harvard, deeply chagrined by the truth that Fryer's study honestly conveyed, formed a conspiracy to weaponize #metoo against the man to demean him, and hopefully his study by extension. Despicable if true. And we've seen #metoo used in this fashion so many...
  10. RollSonnenRoll

    Locked PWD 1149: NikkitaXT

    #metoo I’m addicted they got a hold on me!
  11. KarateYeah

    I Love Good Sportsmanship

  12. moreorless87

    Kevin Spacey is... kinda winning again?

    ...but living in the UK I'd heard talk about Spacey from his running of the Queen Vic, mostly that he went after actors working for him. Pre #metoo Weinstein did have the much worse rumours about him similar to Jimmy Saville in the UK were as Spacey seemed to be viewed more as "unprofessional"...