Usage for hash tag: Facts

  1. TheShockmaster

    Locked AEW CXV: I'll Be Your Scapegoat

    Bald is beautiful #Facts.
  2. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1157: ***** WWE WrestleMania 40 Week Is Here *****

    #Facts They don't deserve Bret Hart.
  3. Cooliox

    Jones VS Aspinall [POLL]

    K then Jones lost to Matt Hamill #Facts
  4. Cooliox

    Jones isn't gonna fight Aspinall

    Damn bro, felt like dropping some Gospel today eh #Facts
  5. Cooliox

    Tom Aspinall Calls for Jon Jones to be Stripped: "I Should be the Real Champion."

    Jones won a vacant belt from a guy who lost to the champ. #Facts