Was Bill Wallace being a bully here or is it fair play?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Guestx, May 13, 2018.

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    So did this guy. My size 10 boot in his balls...
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    I would be curious to see how much different headgear makes when it comes to concussions.

    Obviously it will help with cosmetic damage, broken bones, etc. But I'm not sure how much it helps to keep your brain from rattling when you take a blow to the head.
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    i dunno, there is some science or possible bro science out there saying it does nothing or makes thing even worse however to me, sparring with all the proper equipment, allows you to go harder, without going harder if that makes sense. Meaning if you spar with no pads at 50%, with all the proper protection you can spar at 75% and it still feels like 50%........the facebar headgear is basically the same as wearing a facemask headgear. You should try sparring with it, its really fun, like wearing a helmet.

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