Yuri Romanov beats Jonathan Thaxton


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Jul 27, 2006
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Thaxton's corner stopped the fight due to cuts after the 5th round .

this was pretty much a no 1 contender fight for the wba title

didn't see it myself anyone get to see it ?
Romanov ends Thaxton's title shot
Jon Thaxton
Thaxton could not continue after suffering a serious cut

British lightweight champion Jon Thaxton's hopes of fighting Amir Khan look to have ended after losing to European champion Yuri Romanov.

The 33-year-old from Norwich was withdrawn by his corner after the fifth round of an entertaining fight because of a nasty cut above his right eye.

The defeat was veteran Thaxton's eighth in his 41-fight career.

The victory looks set to give Romanov, 25, a shot at fighting Olympic silver medallist Khan, who fights on Saturday.

Thaxton insisted afterwards he had no complaints with his corner's decision to withdraw him from the bout.

"I've got every trust and belief in my team - they're in charge, and if it's the right decision then it is the right one," he said.

"I never think I'm going to lose until the final decision.

"I was just getting into it, and it usually takes a few rounds. He was coming forward - but how long would he have kept coming?

"I trained very hard and I'm super upset. Of course I'll be back."

Trainer Dominic Ingle had no doubt that his man's wound was too severe for him to continue.

"I've seen some tough cuts in my time, but that's down to the bone. He can't go on with that kind of cut," he said.